Find The One.

The most seamless video recruiting experience on the market.

See the person behind the application.

Hire the right person for the job right from the start. Candidates usually look the same on paper. You can only see things like motivation and drive in person or video.

Using video recruiting saves everyone’s time and helps to make the right decisions faster.

Video at the heart of the recruitment process.

Video is at the core of Jelpp. Inviting candidates to video interviews is s natural and seamless part of the hiring process. All videos and other information on each candidate are stored in one system and can be found with a simple search.

Recruit collectively.

When candidates are interviewed there are usually only one or two interviewers in the room. With video interviews the whole team can participate – watching and asking questions. You can include both your own colleagues and the candidate’s future team and colleagues in the decision-making process.

Be a pioneer and show it.

Boost your employer image with a video introduction of your business. Or, add video to your job ad. It will also help make sure the person or people you hire fit into your company culture from the get-go.

Recruit better with video.

Video adds value and measurable benefits to every part of the process.


Introduce your workplace on video.


Candidates can introduce themselves in a profile video at the start of the application process.


Interview single or multiple candidates in one go.


Quickly go through multiple candidates.


Don’t waste time arranging interviews.


Ensure cultural fit right from the start.


Candidates can answer interview questions when they wish.


Candidates don’t have to spend time filling out applications or going from interview to interview.


Find the right people with the right attitude and drive.

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