Digitalized recruiting process.

Jelpp supports the recruiter.

Candidate experience and recruiting efficiency at the core.


Find The One.

The recruiter can start right with the candidates.
There’s a CV bank with previous candidates, open applications and passive job seekers registered to the consumer site. Jelpp uses AI to find the most suitable candidates for the open position.


Save time.

By using intelligent search and video introductions the recruiter can quickly access the best candidates. By using video interview the recruiter is able to conduct preselection quickly, and ask the most suitable applicants for a face-to-face interview in record time.


Big benefits.

Less time spent on secondary tasks and process upkeep. Use more of your time the most important part of the process – finding the right person for the job.

Traditional recruiting process doesn’t take advantage of the system, and the system doesn’t support the recruitment process.

Common pitfalls in recruiting.

There are no candidates or way too many to choose from. Open and previous applications slip through the cracks. HR is swamped and wasting way too much time on unimportant processes. There’s little communication and no one is paying attention to the candidate experience

Missing out on candidates.

The recruitment process usually starts from scratch. The recruiter writes and markets a job description and then follows the results. Once the applications start coming in, they’re read regardless of their quality. Open applications are read if they happen to be found or as a last resort.

Wasted time.

The majority of time spent on recruiting happens at the beginning of the process. Making sure that only the best candidates make it to the interview round starts with marketing the position, attracting applicants and pre-selecting the best ones.

Secondary tasks.

The recruitment process takes time, which means you also have to spend lots of time on process management and other tasks. There’s little communication with candidates and things get forgotten. Processes get tangled and there’s no time to focus on who the candidates really are and whether or not they’d be a good fit for your company culture.

Recruiting is hard.

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