AI picks.
You choose.

Spend your time with the best candidates.

Artificial intelligence in recruiting.

Self-learning algorithm matches candidates with open positions and vice versa. AI identifies tens of thousands of markers of the candidate and the open position and identifies the type of candidate who would be best suited to the job.

AI recommendations are always based on actual successful recruitments, not just educated guesses.

Find The One with AI.

Pull from the CV bank.

You’ll find open applications and earlier candidates who fit your profile in the candidate database. And in time you’ll also be able to find candidates who have registered for the consumer service. All with just a quick tap or click.

Process applications with AI.

Start with the best candidates.

Sort all received application and database search results based on AI assessment of which ones would be the best match. Focus on the best candidates right from the start.

Artificial intelligence makes everyone a recruiting superstar.


Recommended by AI.

Whether you got one or one thousand open applications, you’ll see the best matches right away based on AI.

AI sorts candidates based on their suitability for the job at hand.

You can also see which of the candidate’s characteristics increase or decrease their suitability to the job at hand.

AI learns from every recruitment you make and from how each candidate proceeds in the process.


Remember open applications.

All companies get great open applications that are forgotten if the right position doesn’t happen to be open at the time. Well, not anymore. Jelpp saves all received open applications to the database.

AI will search past candidates and current employees to help you find the best candidates for the job you’re trying to fill.

In the future we will offer you new applicants also from Jelpp’s own network.


Search & find.

Jelpp’s search lets you do refined searches even with overlapping search criteria. Search results clearly indicate all hits in a candidate’s profile, for example their employment history, attachments and interview notes by you and your colleagues.

You can also use freely definable tags that can also be used as separate search terms.

AI and manual search working together.

Superior search experience and unprecedented accuracy.

Probability of recruiting results produced by algorithm.
The 10 best applicants are 2,500 times more likely to be suitable than the average candidate.

The AI algorithm.

The base data for Jelpp’s AI is Barona’s recruitment history. Our AI is always learning, and it automatically develops after every new recruit.

We’re constantly developing and teaching our AI to use even more information. And the result is already impressive.

Get in touch and we’ll be happy to show you in person just how Jelpp’s AI works to find the best talent.

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