Be a recruiting superstar.

With Jelpp’s digitalized and AI-driven recruiting process, anyone can be a recruiting superstar.

Jelpp matches talent with jobs.

Jelpp is a recruiting environment both you and your candidates will love.

Recruit The One, quickly and accurately.
For candidates, applying is fast, easy and mobile.

AI saves time & improves precision.

Spend your time on the best candidates.

AI searches the CV bank and recommends candidates based on the probability of a successful hire.

The algorithm learns from every recruiting decision and constantly improves your hiring precision.

Powertool for your recruiting team.

Use teamwork to find the right fit.

HR & recruiters can focus on the candidates and getting results.
Jelpp’s mobile app lets you make recruiting decisions on the go.
Future team & co-workers can participate in the process.

Get the best candidates
with the best experience.

Jelpp is developed for candidates.

Real-time communication keeps candidates in the loop.
AI recommends suitable open positions.
Reusable candidate profile makes applying a joy.

A fully digitalized recruiting process.

Jelpp lets you use your time wisely when choosing the right talent.

See the person behind the application.

Using video in recruiting saves everyone’s time and lets you make the right recruiting decisions faster.

Crowdsource your interviews by letting the whole team participate in the process. It will save you time and help ensure the right cultural fit.

All you need to succeed in recruiting.


Save time over the whole recruiting process & reduce stress.


Let AI make recommendations so you can immediately focus on the best candidates.


First class candidate experience with dedicated service and quality communications.


Find the talent you need amongst previous applicants & using CV bank.

More candidates.

Utilize open applications & activate passive candidates.


State of the art search features. Boolean. Multiple simultaneous search terms. Tags. Attachments. Videos. Notes.


Recruit even without marketing with unprecedented speed.


Focus on the applicant, not the application. Video helps ensure the right cultural fit.

Ease of use.

Easy & intuitive UI guides and helps with daily chores.


Review a ton of candidates & focus only on the best ones.


Get your act together with multiple simultaneous tasks.


Personal and automatic communications leave no candidate behind.